Screenwriting Competition 2024 Edition

CALL FOR ENTRIES OPEN FROM FEB. 1, 2024 thru NOV. 1, 2024


VISIONFEST is an annual screenwriting competition evolving from what began in 2001 as VISIONFEST: THE OTHER FESTIVAL (commonly referred to as VF) and founded by the Domani Vision Film Society LLC, an organization dedicated to bringing you tomorrow’s visionaries... today

As of February 1, 2024, we're accepting Feature and Short Subject Scripts in any genre: 3-30 pages for short scripts; 80-130 pages for feature scripts.  Awards consist of cash and sponsored prizes (InkTip.com is a primary sponsor of the Screenwriting Competition) and special Domani Vision Film Society Commemorative Certificates.

To learn more about VISIONFEST or to check out some past highlights, scroll down to view some of our video and audio content, presented by HowTube.

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